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Hammerhead Rock Tools, Inc. is a Texas-based corporation devoted to high quality, environmentally safe drilling equipment. Our unique line of man-portable/ heli-portable drilling equipment was designed specifically for drilling in environmentally sensitive areas, not accessible to conventional drills.

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Man-Portable Drills

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Heliportable Drills

Skid Drill
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John Deere 3720
Tractor Drill

Hydraulic Power Unit 6gpm

Mobil 53′ Antenna

WP-L70 Water Pump

John Deere 4300
Tractor Drill

Our drilling systems were engineered as a result of years of man/ heli-portable drilling experience around the world.The systems are capable of drilling holes up to 200’ in a broad range of formations.

TriCone Rock Bits

Blade Bits

Sub Adapters

Hammer Bits

Hammerhead Rock Tools Inc. endeavors to produce state-of-the-art drilling equipment and welcomes research and development projects. Hammerhead assists our clients by creating specialized drilling equipment and tooling to meet their individual drilling needs. We also offer on site maintenance and operational training.

DownHole Hammers

Lay-Flat Air Hose

Drill Stems


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TriCone Rock Bits

Sub-Sea Battery Box

Shock Subs


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8520 Warren Road, Houston, TX 77040 Phone:(713)466-5202 Fax:(713)466-5312